Different Needs, Different Solutions


What we offer

We offer drafting in parts: architectural and construction design of industrial halls and all necessary construction materials, machinery and labor for their construction. We typed and unified solutions for prefabricated buildings with steel bearing skeleton. The options are for single ednootvorni halls with a frame bearing structure with the following parameters:

holes 12, 15 and 18 m.
Overall height 5 and 6m.
lengths - 12-36m .; 36-72m.
spacing within 4 / 4.5 / and 6m.

The halls are suitable for warehouses and industrial buildings. The length of the halls in a block can be increased to 120 meters. in unheated and 150m. in heated buildings.
The design allows for installation of sectional doors in the short and long facades. Limit on the width of doors, exists in versions with 4.00 m distance between frames.
The design allows for installation of unilateral doors and windows.
In particular award can provide design solution halls with suspended overhead cranes and hoists.